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After spending over a quarter century suffering from headaches, back pain and sciatica, I reached my “chronic pain limit” after a fall added osteoarthritis into the mix. Now, in addition to pain, I had brain fog and short-term memory loss. Finding it increasingly difficult to focus on work and concentrate in the moment, I decided to look for new natural, holistic ways of dealing with the debilitating pain and associated cognitive deficiencies.

During this process, I learned about the impacts of neuroplasticity on the central nervous system. Knowing that I could be pain-free by re-training the way in which my mind and body interprets and responds to pain was so intriguing that I became a certified clinical hypnotist and mindfulness practitioner so that I could help others reprogram the nervous system’s response to danger signals and live a better quality of life.

In my free guide, From Worrier to Warrior, I reveal ten techniques you can use to combat worry and stress that accompanies chronic pain. When you understand the difference between fear and anxiety and the catastrophic long-term physical effects of chronic activation of the stress response (as occurs with persistent pain), it’s easy to see how critical it is for us to re-think how we perceive and manage chronic pain.

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