Eliminate Chronic Pain Without the Need for Medication

Tap Into the Power of Your Mind's Inner Pharmacy to Restore Health and Vitality

Eliminate Chronic Pain Without the Need for Medication

Tap Into the Power of Your Brain's Inner Pharmacy to Restore Health and Vitality

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Is Chronic Pain Holding You Hostage?

Feeling Out of Control? Misunderstood?
Unable to Plan Because You Never Know How Bad the Pain is Going to be?

Immobility / Self-Isolation

  • Do even normal activities like grocery shopping wipe you out?
  • Do you steer clear of unsupportive family and friends who think “it’s all in your head?

Stress / Anxiety / Depression

  • Are you irritable? Easily frustrated?
  • Are you worried about the pain getting worse
    or what will happen if you don’t recover?
  • Feel hopeless you want to give up?

Insomnia / Fatigue

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep because you can’t shut off the pain? 
  • Do you toss and turn all night? 
  • Do you have brain fog and/or memory loss?

The pain was so bad, I couldn't think straight.

It’s truly a Catch-22 situation that can drastically affect your quality of life. Stress and worry can affect both the frequency and intensity of pain symptoms as well as the healing rate. For some people, the anxiety and depression resulting from chronic pain can become overwhelming and has the potential to significantly worsen and prolong the pain. When this happens, the increased pain leads to even more stress and deeper depression, which creates a cycle of depression and pain that can be difficult to break.

The brain experiences chronic physical pain as a form of emotional pain. This pain can capture the mind so completely that we no longer identify as our true selves but, rather, as the pain or sickness itself. Prolonged pain appears to set up a pathway in the nervous system that sends pain signals to the brain, even in the absence of an underlying anatomical problem; in such cases, the pain is, itself, the disease. Losing one’s true identity like this can significantly deplete one’s energy and make daily life feel nearly impossible to handle.

Oftentimes, a doctor’s first response is to prescribe pain medications and/or anti-depressants. However, contraindications and unwanted side effects can make an already-painful situation unbearable. In addition to the very real danger of physical and/or emotional dependence on the medication, side effects could include nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. The good news is that there ARE healthy, natural alternatives to prescription medications for dealing with chronic pain and anxiety.

My passion for using alternative pain management methods started over a quarter century ago when I fractured my coccyx—twice in one year—which resulted in sciatica and, ultimately, degenerative disc disease in my L4-L5 vertebrae.

The lower back pain was bad enough but, after a fall in July of 2018, things got much worse. When one doctor described the osteoarthritis in both of my hands as “the worst he’s ever seen in someone my age” and prescribed several different pain medications that—not only did not work, but tore my stomach up—I knew I HAD to do something different.

Years ago, while undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, I had benefited considerably from guided visualization and relaxation techniques. I imagined that, if my mind was strong enough to heal my body of cancer, it would also be able to reduce and eliminate the varying levels of persistent pain I encountered on a daily basis. So, I stepped up my meditation practice, added nutritional supplementation and exercise into my day-to-day routine and began using self-hypnosis techniques in order to feel better naturally.

And, feel better, I did!! These things made such a difference in my own pain levels that I decided to expand my resilience coaching practice to help chronic pain sufferers. I now support people just like you to reduce the stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia that comes with managing severe pain and medical treatments and trying to balance the expectations of family members and friends who may not understand what you are going through. A pain-free, happy life is possible, and it would be an honor to help show you natural, holistic methods to reduce and eliminate pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

A Method for Living with and Controlling Pain

Proven Mind-Body Tactics for Healing from the Inside Out

Persistent pain — the “invisible disability”– is one of the top reasons people visit their doctors. It affects an estimated 1.5 billion people around the world — more than other common chronic illnesses combined, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

If you have chronic pain, it’s likely you find it challenging to get through daily tasks and activities due to limited mobility and reduced flexibility, strength and endurance. Perhaps it has become a vicious cycle, where your physical, emotional, and spiritual reactions to pain bring on more pain and suffering. Living with chronic pain distorts our perception of and responses to the pain which often makes make it much worse. Treating the symptoms of pain–rather than the root causes–ignores the safe, integrative healing solutions that we have within ourselves.

When you know what they are and have an expert coach to guide you in using them, you’ll experience physiological and psychological shifts that will help you decrease the anxiety typically associated with pain and gain control over your physical body. The result? A reduction in pain, increased mobility and the quality of life you dream about. To learn more about how to integrate the mind, body and spirit or to apply for a spot now, click the button below.

Change the Way Your Brain Processes Pain

Create new neural pathways to promote pain relief.

Counteract Stress with Mindful Awareness

Feel better, worry less and enjoy life more.

Sleep well and Re-Engage in Everyday Tasks

Develop coping skills to manage pain.

"CeCe Demonstrates Compassion, Empathy, Understanding and Wisdom"

Three Steps to Reclaiming Your Healthy, Pain-Free Life

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Take control over pain

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Integrate mind, body & spirit

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Free Mindset Reset Strategy Session

Discover How to Naturally Overcome Chronic Pain

Book your free Mindset Reset strategy session to find out how to create your  personalized approach to pain management. During this session, I’ll explain how thinking differently about the pain is better than thinking about how badly you want it to stop. You will learn the importance of identifying and eradicating subconscious negative thought patterns and developing positive coping strategies. I will help you create a crystal clear picture of the life you desire and we’ll put together a specific plan to help you shift your energy, master your mind and overcome chronic pain and anxiety. Spaces are limited so, to secure your spot while it’s available, use the calendar below.

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